Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I Love These Pants

Alright, so this post is in no way paid for by Express. Years ago I was obsessed with Express, since then they have kind of "changed" their appeal and have gotten pretty edgy. Plus, I've evolved to Anthropologie and J.Crew, a tad bit of a difference in what is offered right? However, I always buy their yoga leggings. They are so comfortable, they stretch and since it's not the basic cotton they stay clean!
Last week my sister's dog ripped a hole in my good pair so I HAD to buy a new pair.
Pity right?
So I had a 'spend $75 get $30 off coupon' and they were having buy one get one 50% off, so of course I decided to get my regular pants and to find a different pair.

Oh I'm so glad I did.
Scuba Panel Leggings 

My regular style
Stretch Leggings

These. pants(leggings?). are.amazing.
Pregnant or not. These are hands down the most comfortable pants ever. Plus they are super cute.
I usually get Medium size on the regular yoga pants, so I did the same with these and I wish I would have gotten the Small because they are kind of loose but I'll be wearing these for the remainder of my pregnancy. So please do not judge.

Seriously though, go out and get these pants.
Hey, they are still buy one get one half off!!!

xo jess

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