Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

In Honor of Halloween and the Eve of my birthday I am going to have my first contest. All you need to is leave a comment telling me what your go to boots are for the Fall/Winter. I'll be giving away one of those beauties. You can pick your color. Unscented India inspired candle. Contests last until Friday November 2nd at noon.  Contest has ended. Thank you!

Free People(here) $435
I'll start with my new absolute favorite right now. If only I had $435 laying around. Good luck :) I'll pick at  random.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Getting Back To Reality

Adjusting back has been difficult, more so than it ever has

I'm going to keep this short and just show the pictures :) Be back later this week to post my outfits/details.

I wanted to share this outfit before it was long gone

Lauren Conrad blouse from Kohls, Faux Leather pants from H&M, Steve Madden wedges

Betsy Johnson watch, turquoise wire bracelet World Market

I wanna mall next to the ocean

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Traveling can be such a headache sometimes and especially when it's 26 hours of it.

This being my second time around with these long flights I have learned a few things.

Wear something comfortable!
The outfit I will be wearing
Black leggings, a button up polo(with t-shirt underneath) a few accessories  that I can take off and boots

Hair UP
I'll be wearing these instead of those big ones
TJ Maxx-$69
Do not wear to much makeup!

About half way through the traveling last time I went into the plane bathroom and wiped all of my makeup off with water. I was miserable!

Bring your toothbrush with you on the airplane!

I brushed my teeth about 10 times while traveling last time and I probably will again this time! I hate my teeth feeling dirty!!

Always, I repeat, always bring an extra outfit in your carry on!

half way through last time I changed clothes, hopefully this time my clothes are comfy enough to last the 22 hours on planes.

Stay hydrated?
We'll see, I drank enough water today and yesterday for a whole family of four for a week :/

Hey look I'm packed!

I've come down with a small cold over the last week so hopefully its not to bad for my trip. Bring plenty of medicines like Tylenol, flu or cold med, ex.ex. 

Bali here I come!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Not Entry of Packing

I figured since I was about to go on holiday I would post an entry on packing, until I realized I'm horrible at packing.
I can never plan an outfit out before hand because I'm always in a different mood. Therefore, when it comes to packing for a trip I bring everything...
Crazy mess on my bed
First outfit done!

bathroom necessities


Decided I needed a bigger suitcase!
I bought this Tommy Hilfiger bag to put all my bathroom stuff in

Then I did some alterations 

Turned out great! I wish I had a before picture

First peplum top! The straps were way to long so I sewed them up!(Also have it in black)

I feel like I'm going to forget something, watch it will probably be my toothbrush, that would have to be the worse.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Saving my boots

I had stored my favorite pair of boots up in my closet during the summer, so last week when I brought them down in excitement for Fall, I discovered that had a horrible stain on the front(insert big UGH, no idea where it came from).

Throw them away?
Try to sale them for little of what they are worth?

Until my step mother suggested I use mink oil to try to darken them. And by golly I was in luck to find my mother had two containers of that stuff and well here is the outcome...

You can still see the stains but goodness no where near what it was!! $150 Boots SAVED! YAY!

While I was down in good ole SoIll I did some shopping.
Now let me tell you, if last year you would have told me I would be shopping at JCPenney well you might as well shoot me. BUT they have really came around. Those little magazines they put out are awesome! They got me hooked once they advertised like JCrew. Smart people I tell ya.

JCPenney Polka dotted shirt and JCPenney sweater(both $25)A&F jeans and !Saved! Steve Madden boots!
I'm gaga over this necklace SALE Anthro $29
I have this style already but not that print! DSW clearanced! $55