Saturday, October 13, 2012


Traveling can be such a headache sometimes and especially when it's 26 hours of it.

This being my second time around with these long flights I have learned a few things.

Wear something comfortable!
The outfit I will be wearing
Black leggings, a button up polo(with t-shirt underneath) a few accessories  that I can take off and boots

Hair UP
I'll be wearing these instead of those big ones
TJ Maxx-$69
Do not wear to much makeup!

About half way through the traveling last time I went into the plane bathroom and wiped all of my makeup off with water. I was miserable!

Bring your toothbrush with you on the airplane!

I brushed my teeth about 10 times while traveling last time and I probably will again this time! I hate my teeth feeling dirty!!

Always, I repeat, always bring an extra outfit in your carry on!

half way through last time I changed clothes, hopefully this time my clothes are comfy enough to last the 22 hours on planes.

Stay hydrated?
We'll see, I drank enough water today and yesterday for a whole family of four for a week :/

Hey look I'm packed!

I've come down with a small cold over the last week so hopefully its not to bad for my trip. Bring plenty of medicines like Tylenol, flu or cold med, ex.ex. 

Bali here I come!!


  1. I'm from Southeast Asia but I've never been to Bali! You're so lucky! I hope you're having a great time! :)

    Daphne of Metamorphosis

  2. Enjoy your vacation!!

  3. Love the boots!! Lucky you, I hope you have an amazing time in Bali! :)

    The Lion in Jewels

  4. I'm giving you one more suggestion: for the plane get AmorePacific Moisture Bound Vitalizing mask (you can probably get a sample). You wont see it on but it sinks into your skin and makes it super hydrated. Just wipe any remainder off before you land and you will feel so good!
    Have a great trip!

  5. Wow, you are going to my country dear! Bali is the nicest place for holiday. Enjoy your trip ;)

  6. So exciting! Love your blog-you're adorable! xx.

  7. These tips are amazing! I love traveling :)
    I always find it very amusing when girls wear every bracelet from forever21 and H&M combined to the airport haha
    Great post!

  8. Great tips, wearing something comfortable is definitely a must! I always bring baby wipes so I can wipe my make up off on the plane.

  9. Love your outfit! And so jealous of your trip! Excited to follow along and hear your trip updates!

    Would love to have you check out my blog!

  10. lovely pictures!!
    very nice look ^^

  11. Lovely picture! Have a hell of a good time girl!! Great Blog, Keep It Up :)

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  12. Hi Jessica , Check our page we nominated you for the The Liebster Blog Award. see u

  13. I can agree with you 110% with being comfortable on long plane rides. I had on too many layers on the plane last week heading to Dubai and had to take them off. I am now following you via bloglovin. Thanks for stopping by on IFB.