Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Saving my boots

I had stored my favorite pair of boots up in my closet during the summer, so last week when I brought them down in excitement for Fall, I discovered that had a horrible stain on the front(insert big UGH, no idea where it came from).

Throw them away?
Try to sale them for little of what they are worth?

Until my step mother suggested I use mink oil to try to darken them. And by golly I was in luck to find my mother had two containers of that stuff and well here is the outcome...

You can still see the stains but goodness no where near what it was!! $150 Boots SAVED! YAY!

While I was down in good ole SoIll I did some shopping.
Now let me tell you, if last year you would have told me I would be shopping at JCPenney well you might as well shoot me. BUT they have really came around. Those little magazines they put out are awesome! They got me hooked once they advertised like JCrew. Smart people I tell ya.

JCPenney Polka dotted shirt and JCPenney sweater(both $25)A&F jeans and !Saved! Steve Madden boots!
I'm gaga over this necklace SALE Anthro $29
I have this style already but not that print! DSW clearanced! $55


  1. nice post and great blog

  2. GREAT save! I love those boots, and maybe even more so in the richer color! WTG!
    Amazing the print on those wedge heels! Actually - it goes great with that necklace! :)