Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Finals Week!!

Shower went great! So happy how it turned out, and now onto the next one! (I'll be posting pictures of the shower later)

This week is going be crazy for me, so I will be away for a tad bit. Finals weeks is upon me plus I have to work two days this week, which basically means I will have no time until Saturday!
I have a wonderful feeling that my life is only going to get crazier from here on out.
We got the nursery painted this weekend and now I'm only waiting for the crib to arrive, buy(find) a dresser, and glider. Oh boy!

Also we had our doctors appointment yesterday and everything went great(more on that later) but we have to go back every week now! Whoa!!

So....what a beautiful day we had last week, we got so much done, and I got to treat myself with DQ.

Jacket H&M{old, remember it here)} Shirt Gap{old} Only jeans I wearing currently: American Eagle boyfriend jeans{old} Shoes Anthropologie{old}

31 weeks and 3 days here. 
Looking huge right?! Just call me round face. 

xo jess

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Baby Showers Bring May Flowers

So, today is my (1st) baby shower. Anxious and excited are what come to mind. Getting all these goodies, is what makes me excited.
I'm kind of a perfectionist when it comes to things like this, so I really hope it meets my standards of what I have envisioned. We are having it at a little Bed and Breakfast/Restaurant in my hometown. I have pretty much left everything in the hands of the owner. So we will see.

This outfit is what I wore a few weeks back to my friend Ashley's baby shower. I have recently gotten MUCH larger than in these pics, oh you soon will see.

Borrowed Zara shirt from sister{old} Jeans Banana Republic{similar} Necklace Ebay{remember it here} Shoes Anthropologie{old}

xo jess

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Krispy Kreme Conspiracy

Today I was going to be good. I used my slow cooker for the first time to cook up some corn beef and cabbage and potatoes. Mmm, so good.
I sat outside for an ungodly amount of time, and then I went to Sonic and devoured 5 mozzarella sticks that I order real fast. Okay, first fail.
So I walked on the treadmill for two miles. Yay me. I decided I was going to be healthy and just eat Brussels sprouts for dinner, but I COULD NOT GET KRISY KREME DONUTS OFF MY MIND. 
So I gave in and drove to krispy kreme.

(On the way there, deciding I only need 6 donuts, two for tonight, two for the morning, and two for my husband)
Here is my conversation with the intercom:
ME:"I would like 8(see I changed my mind) original glazed donuts, please" 
Lady:"It would be cheaper if you get a dozen"
ME:"No, I just want 8"
Lady:"It will be $8.64 for 8 donuts and only $8.14 for a dozen"
ME:"Okay, give me the dang dozen" 
Krispy Kreme: 1    Jessica: 0
I felt like telling this girl once I pulled up, you wanna make this already fat pregnant woman even more fat. UGH.
And you know what? I devoured two of those suckers not even a mile away from that place. 
Now I must wipe all this sugar from my shirt and hide those 10 other donuts from my husband.
Oh and I never made those brussels sprouts.

Do you like this dress? I do, I don't, I don't know. 

Whoa, big girl in the making.
     Sorry for the poor quality pictures
xo jess

Monday, March 17, 2014

Shopping at 31 weeks

Oh the pleasure of clothes shopping with a huge belly. Let me tell you, exhausting! I was a sweating machine in those dressing rooms, not to mention taking off clothes, putting on clothes, clothes not fitting you right. I guess thats what I get for NOT shopping in the maternity section.

I grab the prettiest dress at Nordstrom thinking it would be perrrrfect for my baby shower. It was pastel orange and so summery. I grabbed the Small(who am I kidding), Medium, go into the dressing room, take off the coat, shirt, undershirt, belly band, shoes, jeans, BLAH. Get the dress on, and it's super cute.. EXCEPT my belly is pushing it out that the dress is butt grabbing me. So I wait for the little dressing room associate to ask if I am doing okay. I wait, and wait, and then decide I'm kind of over it all, so I put on my undershirt, shirt, belly band, oh and wait there she is. She gets me a Large. And Large is wayy to big. Bummer. Walk out of the dressing room, she asks if it worked, I say no my belly is to big and she replys oh? haha, I'm guessing she had no idea that I was pregnant and just thought I was fat.
I decide that since I'm at the mall I should head over to my favorite store Anthropologie..
These are what I'm craving..

In love with this shirt, serious so pretty And YAY for still trying to fit into my non-maternity size 6 skinny jeans! 

This is a shirt, but I like it better as a dress here

Same with this one, shirt, eh, dress :) here
I decide that I do not NEED them unless I can't get them off my mind for a least a week. Plus I keep telling myself I need to save up for this baby I'm about to push out of my va...

xo jess

Friday, March 14, 2014

Snapshots of my Maternity Style

Just a few different outfits that I wear yet have no one to take my picture.

I still am using all of my old clothes(non-maternity) and I think to my self, I was either wearing overly large clothes before or I was just more fat.
Either way, oh well. I'm not spending $200 on a piece of maternity clothes to only wear one or two times.
Still working those heels.
Even my doctor was like whoa.
I would only hope that my outfits would bring some inspiration to other pregnant ladies out there, I am always searching the web or pinterest for outfit ideas!

xo jess

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Feeling Spring-y?

It has been such a long winter, has it not? For my fellow Midwest-ers you know what I'm talking about. These last few days have been ahmazing.
And then today. It's freakin cold again. Guess I'll be staying in and cuddling with my pup(s?) all day. Yes, I have the wonderful pleasure of watching my sisters dog while she is in Me-he-co. Remi is my sister hyper, poop everywhere, jump in your arm mid-stairs, ripping the stuffing out of my pillows, pug.
My dog is the best dog ever. She is such a mellow dog when its just me and her. She does not require a lot of attention. We just cuddle. Foxy is laying next to me as I type this, Remi however is sitting on the back of my couch trying to eat my hair. Oh yeah, she likes to EAT hair. Fun stuff guys.

So my (1st) baby shower is less than two weeks away! We are having it at a cute little bed and breakfast in my hometown.
I met with the owner the day I wore this, it was a beautiful day. I look huge. The end.

I have been obsessed with Kimonos lately! Forever 21 has a great selection! I just recently bought this one and this one.

Necklace Forever 21 {here} Shirt Zara{old} Kimono F21 {here} Belt Target{here} Leggings Old Navy {here} Shoes Franco Sarto{old}

xo jess

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I'm starting to get very frustrated with the whole vision of my nursery. I have literally been looking for 4 months on the "perfect" antique dresser that I can use for the changing table. I have had two I almost got, but was either to slow or to cheap. I didn't want to spend more than $100 on the actually piece. I am going to be painting it green so I didn't want it to beautiful(I hate ruining a perfect beautiful piece with paint).
This little outing was one of the many "antique malls" we have been to on our search. Still coming up with nothing.
It was fun none-the-less.

 Easy breezy outfits are the goal here! I was 27-28 weeks here?
Boy have I exploded since then.
Scarf: World Market{old} Shirt: Forever 21{similar} Pants: Express Yoga Stretch{here} Jacket: Target Mossimo{old} Boots: DSW Kelly and Katie{similar

xo jess

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I Love These Pants

Alright, so this post is in no way paid for by Express. Years ago I was obsessed with Express, since then they have kind of "changed" their appeal and have gotten pretty edgy. Plus, I've evolved to Anthropologie and J.Crew, a tad bit of a difference in what is offered right? However, I always buy their yoga leggings. They are so comfortable, they stretch and since it's not the basic cotton they stay clean!
Last week my sister's dog ripped a hole in my good pair so I HAD to buy a new pair.
Pity right?
So I had a 'spend $75 get $30 off coupon' and they were having buy one get one 50% off, so of course I decided to get my regular pants and to find a different pair.

Oh I'm so glad I did.
Scuba Panel Leggings 

My regular style
Stretch Leggings

These. pants(leggings?). are.amazing.
Pregnant or not. These are hands down the most comfortable pants ever. Plus they are super cute.
I usually get Medium size on the regular yoga pants, so I did the same with these and I wish I would have gotten the Small because they are kind of loose but I'll be wearing these for the remainder of my pregnancy. So please do not judge.

Seriously though, go out and get these pants.
Hey, they are still buy one get one half off!!!

xo jess