Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Feeling Spring-y?

It has been such a long winter, has it not? For my fellow Midwest-ers you know what I'm talking about. These last few days have been ahmazing.
And then today. It's freakin cold again. Guess I'll be staying in and cuddling with my pup(s?) all day. Yes, I have the wonderful pleasure of watching my sisters dog while she is in Me-he-co. Remi is my sister hyper, poop everywhere, jump in your arm mid-stairs, ripping the stuffing out of my pillows, pug.
My dog is the best dog ever. She is such a mellow dog when its just me and her. She does not require a lot of attention. We just cuddle. Foxy is laying next to me as I type this, Remi however is sitting on the back of my couch trying to eat my hair. Oh yeah, she likes to EAT hair. Fun stuff guys.

So my (1st) baby shower is less than two weeks away! We are having it at a cute little bed and breakfast in my hometown.
I met with the owner the day I wore this, it was a beautiful day. I look huge. The end.

I have been obsessed with Kimonos lately! Forever 21 has a great selection! I just recently bought this one and this one.

Necklace Forever 21 {here} Shirt Zara{old} Kimono F21 {here} Belt Target{here} Leggings Old Navy {here} Shoes Franco Sarto{old}

xo jess

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  1. Please share some pictures of that baby shower! I bet it will be great! Kimonos suit you so really nice purchase! Love your style!