Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wandering Wednesday

Good windy Day and when the highs in the 70s yesterday and high in the 30s today, I do not want to go outside

But I must go grocery shopping! And I must do homework, but my morning consisted of the go-around of all my blog follows. 

Here is my next pinterest inspired outfit and I do have to say It's probably my favorite thus far!


I like the layers, with different colors and patterns, I also love those yellow pants


I had my yellow pants picked out for this outfit, but then I bought these tan cords by Free People, which I LOVE! 

Chambray Shirt {Anthropologie $88} JCrew Gingham Flannel {JCrew,$88,on sale now here} Free People Cords {$68, on sale now here} Shoes {OLD target}

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Super Saturday

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend thus far, to continue with my pinterest look alike series today I bring you something I wore last weekend, 

It is taken in a Urban Outfitters dressing rooms so excuse the clothing that I happened to purchase :)

My inspiration:

Even though you can not see the actually top, I know that is a cute tweed jacket :) And even though I do not have a fitted tweed jacket I DO have a velvet one!

Sorry for standing weird :/

I love my Justin Boots :)

And forgive the cross-eyeness

Velvet Blazer from A&F{Old, Clearance $22,reg 150} JCrew Plaid{$78} Express Jeans{old, $89} Justin Boots{STEAL off EBAY $3.26} Jewelry BCBG and Betsy Johnson

World Market Infinity Scarf 

XO jess

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Swing of Things

Finally getting my stuff together! I have been out of town the last two weekends and during the week either at school or doing homework! 

It's going to be a challenging quarter! BUT..

I will get through! So..

 These next few post I will be doing a little mini series

We all pin outfits on Pinterest in hopes of one day finding them right? I took some of my favorite outfits on there and turned my own clothes into look alikes. Some were close..others I put my own twist on it!! 

So this was my inspiration:

Now I definitely put my own spin on it, but I love the boyfriend ripped jeans with heels!

American Eagle boyfriend jeans{old,on sale $19.99} Ana polka dotted shirt{JCP $29.99} Target Black Sweatshirt{24.99} Steve Madden wedges{old,$20 DSW}

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Craft Day

Sorry for the lack of posts, school as started this week and that has taken up my time, plus its always hard to find time for someone to take my photos

Sadly I was rather impressed with all of my outfits that I came up with this week, just no one to take my pictures. 

Anyway, I wanted to show this little chalk board I made last week. . 

This is super easy I went to Lowe's and bought the chalk board spray paint and an extra piece of pile wood and taped it off and sprayed!! So easy and cute! 

I do think I need a little more practice, but for my first time I didn't think it was to bad

I will try to do better with the post this week! 

xo jess

Thursday, January 3, 2013

What Would You Grab?

4 More Days Until School Starts back up and I'm so ready! 

I can't believe this break is almost over! It has been short yet SO long! I'm excited to get back into a routine. 
I was watching this documentary last night called Craigslist Joe. Has anyone ever seen it? I highly recommend it if not. It shows there ARE really good people out there who help one another. So the guy    goes on this experiment kind of, to see if he could just survive off random people he meets on craigslist, basic stuff like food, shelter, and transportation. He has no money with him and only has a very few necessities and the clothes on his back...Okay to my point, I often wonder if I could survive like that. What would I pack if I only had a backpack...I think I like to ponder on that thought because I am the farthest thing from a minimalist. OR what would I grab if there was a fire in my house(besides my dog and husband!!). 

What Would you grab? Or what would you take in your small backpack?
My sister and I are talking about going to Italy over summer break, and I think I'm going to only take a backpack....We will see. haha.

Also I would love anyone that would be willing to share some of their favorite recipes.. I'm trying to cut process foods out of my diet and need more things to cook!!

How do you feel about fur coats?

these are some I watching on Ebay... 

Photos from Ebay

XO jess