Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Swing of Things

Finally getting my stuff together! I have been out of town the last two weekends and during the week either at school or doing homework! 

It's going to be a challenging quarter! BUT..

I will get through! So..

 These next few post I will be doing a little mini series

We all pin outfits on Pinterest in hopes of one day finding them right? I took some of my favorite outfits on there and turned my own clothes into look alikes. Some were close..others I put my own twist on it!! 

So this was my inspiration:

Now I definitely put my own spin on it, but I love the boyfriend ripped jeans with heels!

American Eagle boyfriend jeans{old,on sale $19.99} Ana polka dotted shirt{JCP $29.99} Target Black Sweatshirt{24.99} Steve Madden wedges{old,$20 DSW}


  1. What a great look! I love how simple this look is with the destructed boyfriend jean paired with a polka dot blouse and sweater. I only wish it were warm enough in NYC to do the same here!



    1. oh yes, the one day it was in the 50s! I took advantage!

  2. love this look, especially with the top knot!