Thursday, January 10, 2013

Craft Day

Sorry for the lack of posts, school as started this week and that has taken up my time, plus its always hard to find time for someone to take my photos

Sadly I was rather impressed with all of my outfits that I came up with this week, just no one to take my pictures. 

Anyway, I wanted to show this little chalk board I made last week. . 

This is super easy I went to Lowe's and bought the chalk board spray paint and an extra piece of pile wood and taped it off and sprayed!! So easy and cute! 

I do think I need a little more practice, but for my first time I didn't think it was to bad

I will try to do better with the post this week! 

xo jess


  1. I know what you mean about being busy with school - I have been so busy and have been finding it hard to get photos taken! This is such a cute post though- I love this , so creative! :)

  2. This is a great idea! Love how creative yet simple it is!

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