Thursday, March 20, 2014

Krispy Kreme Conspiracy

Today I was going to be good. I used my slow cooker for the first time to cook up some corn beef and cabbage and potatoes. Mmm, so good.
I sat outside for an ungodly amount of time, and then I went to Sonic and devoured 5 mozzarella sticks that I order real fast. Okay, first fail.
So I walked on the treadmill for two miles. Yay me. I decided I was going to be healthy and just eat Brussels sprouts for dinner, but I COULD NOT GET KRISY KREME DONUTS OFF MY MIND. 
So I gave in and drove to krispy kreme.

(On the way there, deciding I only need 6 donuts, two for tonight, two for the morning, and two for my husband)
Here is my conversation with the intercom:
ME:"I would like 8(see I changed my mind) original glazed donuts, please" 
Lady:"It would be cheaper if you get a dozen"
ME:"No, I just want 8"
Lady:"It will be $8.64 for 8 donuts and only $8.14 for a dozen"
ME:"Okay, give me the dang dozen" 
Krispy Kreme: 1    Jessica: 0
I felt like telling this girl once I pulled up, you wanna make this already fat pregnant woman even more fat. UGH.
And you know what? I devoured two of those suckers not even a mile away from that place. 
Now I must wipe all this sugar from my shirt and hide those 10 other donuts from my husband.
Oh and I never made those brussels sprouts.

Do you like this dress? I do, I don't, I don't know. 

Whoa, big girl in the making.
     Sorry for the poor quality pictures
xo jess


  1. Nice high low
    like it

  2. I hear ya on those donuts, they're my downfall. From what I just read, you were fiscally responsible in getting the dozen :)

    And I like the dress :D


  3. Haha, I really like the title of this post. There is no Krispy Kreme location in my city and I'm craving one now, too.

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