Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

In Honor of Halloween and the Eve of my birthday I am going to have my first contest. All you need to is leave a comment telling me what your go to boots are for the Fall/Winter. I'll be giving away one of those beauties. You can pick your color. Unscented India inspired candle. Contests last until Friday November 2nd at noon.  Contest has ended. Thank you!

Free People(here) $435
I'll start with my new absolute favorite right now. If only I had $435 laying around. Good luck :) I'll pick at  random.


  1. I love Ugg's , specially living in Canada:)! Happy Halloween to you too:)

  2. hey beautiful.
    thanks for the nice comment on my posts.
    Love your blog title, with tanah lot as your background
    where are you from?

    followed you via blogger, would love a follow back

  3. I have a pair of black leather boots from Capezio that I love to wear all the time, but those Free People ones are so gorgeous!!! I WANT!!!

  4. Well first: Happy Birthday! Stuart Weitzman has a pair of spats that would totally be mine if I had about $700 lying around! (

  5. What was your halloween outfit?