Friday, February 28, 2014

Adventures of Registering

The thought of making registry was intimidating, where in the world do I even start? I've never had a child so I don't know even what I'll need. So I slowly walk to the kiosk and enter my information, then I go to the counter and they gave me a scanner. By this time I'm beginning to feel quite powerful with this little thing in my hand. 
We quickly walk to the baby section and I decide to tackle this aisle by aisle. Scan, scan, two of these, three of these. I get to the third aisle and my husband is done. He is no where to be found. There was a very nice lady (who already had a child and one of the way) who begins giving my suggestions on what to get, thank you very much for your opinions, moving right along...
Ah, my husband is back. I ask if he would like to scan, no. He is getting tired and wants to leave. I guess I should be scanning for two children now. We get to the bottles and breast bump aisle and given by this time we have been there two, two and a half hours, he wants to go to Starbucks to sleep, yes, sleep, not get coffee. I do not even know where to begin when choosing bottles, or breast bumps, so I send him on his way, because I know I'm going to be here awhile.
So one by one I read all the information on each bottle, I stand back and look at all the sizes and shapes of the nipples? Yes, there is more than one shape. FINALLY
After 3 1/2 hours I return the scanner to the desk. I quickly purchase the cutest little bow tie/plaid shirt combo I walked into as I was leaving the baby clothes. (I swear I was just passing through) And find my husband INDEED sleeping on one of the tables at Starbucks. I go to get coffee, he approaches from behind, he wants me to buy HIM coffee. You mean, you've just been laying on one of their tables for the past hour without even buying coffee? Okay. By this time, I'm tired. I sit down for a quick moment. It's snowing outside. How did I, Ms. Weather women not know it was going to snow? 

Happy to say that is over with! Now, next adventure is to register at Babies R Us...

First item scanned! Excuse the double chin there. uh.

Scarf: World Market{old}, Shirt: J.Crew{here} Blazer: Gap{here} Jeans:Banana Republic{old} Shoes: Justin Boots{Ebay $3} Belt:American Eagle{here}

xo jess

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