Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thoughts on the 3rd Trimester

We toured the hospital this last week. 

As we walked through the delivery and post delivery floor it all became so real. I got teary eyed as we walked by each room that had little signs on them "Visitors Welcome" or "Mommy is sleeping, come back". Thinking I'll be here in a few months. I'll be meeting my little guy for the first time right here. My new life will begin right in these halls. 
I get overwhelmed by all these feelings. I always thought I would feel differently than what I do now. I'm not sure if I actually ever believed I would have a child, but I really am now. The responsibility of raising a person and shaping their life is overwhelming as well. Do other soon-to-be mothers worry about the whole future of their children? And as I write this, he moves inside me, which gives me comfort.
12 weeks left, I will be meeting you, my precious one. 

xo jess

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