Monday, February 3, 2014

Pizza Date

I had the beloved dreaded glucose tolerance test today. I was fearful, everyone had told me that the stuff tastes nasty but that's the least of my worries. 

I hate needles/blood, the man taking my blood asked if I was dizzy or sweaty as he was taking tubes of blood. I responded by saying yes all of the above but what can ya do. 
The drink was actually not that all...tasted a lot like orange soda minus the carbonation. 
My husband taunted me with pizza while I was being plucked. 
Done deal! It only lasted for about a minute and I got to go on a pizza date afterwards with my husband. Score.

Our favorite local pizzeria,  Dewey's Pizza

I'm 26 weeks and still trying to avoid the maternity section. I'm trying to keep it easy.

J.Crew White Blazer{old,similar} J.Crew Men's Tee{borrowed for the hubs,here} Target Belt{here} Express Leggings {here} Franco Sarto Boots{old,similar}

xo jess

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  1. That pizza looks amazing. I would so need to be bribed with pizza to get pricked! You look amazing!