Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Some things fit better pregnant

Kate Spade necklace from Ebay{remember it here} Shirt Urban Outfitters{Similar} Skirt Anthropologie
Boots Anthropologie

I bought this skirt last summer when in Chicago and it never really fit right. My legs are to short and my butt is to big
However, a bigger belly makes a smaller butt so right now(or then) the skirt actually fit! yay.
I wore this while attending an ASID meeting
For those of you who do not know, I am an interior design student and going to these meeting gets me meeting business professionals already in the field!  
Speaking of school... I got a call that I'm officially a Junior now! Yay! 
But that has to wait until July....
Super sad I will be missing a whole quarter but now I have more time to get things in order before the arrival of little mr.  uhhh maybe. I'm still working and my weekends are pretty full as of right now, but in better news nursery is coming along quite well. Got the crib set up, FINALLY purchased a dresser(one for me too) Room is painted and shelves are hung.
I'll post once completed 

xo jess


  1. Cute outfit Jess!!
    Are you on twitter? Im on twitter.com/workxtine and