Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Belly Freakout

Is it just me or do you have people in your life that could not touch your belly? It freaks them out?
My husband is one of them, for the loonnnngggest time he would not touch it, I wanted so bad for him to feel when the baby first started moving, but nope. I think he has felt him once during this whole pregnancy. He says its like a little alien living in me. My sister is the same way, unless she has had a few drinks in her, then she's all about the belly.
I have to admit, it was weird for me at first as well. The first time he really kicked me, I cried. It scared me so bad, I was shaking, and not like the good kind. I was thinking to myself, how can I go on like this?
It has obviously gotten better with me, and I'm used to it now, but did anyone else ever feel the same way??

Again, my sister had a few drinks in her and wanted to do a photo shoot. ... okay

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xo jess


  1. It's just you. Lucky! HAHA. I cannot get ppl to STOP touching my belly and I am just a day away from being 12 weeks and super tiny. There's no belly there but baby = belly magnet.

    Just found your blog doing some random blog hopping =)

    1. That's funny, yeah guess just me :) Congrats on your pregnancy!!

  2. I'm a belly rubber! Lol! But only with close friends/family & with permission of course! I didn't like strangers or people I wasn't close to touching mine either but some people just seem to dive in & it does make you feel uncomfortable! xx