Friday, May 2, 2014

Ms. Foxy Cleopatra

This is Ms. Foxy Cleopatra, my life and I am hers.

You see, I'm a little worried about this gal, I am due one week from today and I am not sure how well she is going to receive a new being to our pack. She still has a hard time with my husband who has been around since she was only 1 (She is 8 years old)! She sits with me on the couch, she sleeps in my bed with me, she even goes to the bathroom with me most of the time.
Let me be honest, she is honestly a little brat as well. Ask anyone. She is quite high maintenance, she barks at EVERYTHING, she does not like other animals, no, not even dogs and if she doesn't know you, she won't like you. If she does know you, expect to be playing with her the whole time you are here.
I see this going two ways:

1) She completely hates the baby, is jealous and only wants my attention
2) She loves  Nevermind, I only see this going one way

I hope she surprises me, because if not I'm afraid that I will have to give her to my mom, but like I said, I love her so, she loves me so. We are soul mates and often cry at night thinking about having to give her up.
Anyone ever dealt with this? What should I do to make the transition easier for her?

xo jess


  1. Cute little dog! I am sure she will love the new addition to the family!


  2. Oh my god! she is adorable! I hope everything will go okay with the baby :)


  3. Oh my god, that is the best name ever for a dog. I hope everything works out with her and the baby!

  4. She is adorable! The best thing to do is find a trainer (usually through your vet) they'll definitely be able to help. If I remember correctly bring your baby home when is not there it will be easier for her to arrive later. Also, create a special place for her in the baby's room so she's a part of everything but in her place. I hope everything goes perfectly!