Friday, May 9, 2014

Due Date

Well today is the day or it isn't. I'm not even dilated, so I doubt he will be making his appearance today or tomorrow.
Things that I am looking forward to once he is born!
1) Eating Sushi!! Give me the rawest of the raw
2) Having an adult beverage! I just drool over the drink menu at restaurants.
3) Not feeling huge when I wake up in the morning
4) My lower back not popping through the night
5)(As of late) Not having swollen feet

Things I will miss
1) Getting to feel him move around inside of me
2) Having people really nice to me
3) Looking cute while fat

This is the one(okay two, I bought one yesterday) maternity dress that I bought. Got a steal on it at Old Navy, coupon plus already discounted came to $15. I do not normally shop at Old Navy but their maternity section has a good variety.
Last weekend we took our pup to the park and enjoyed some yummy Gyros

Jean Jacket{ebay} Old Navy Dress{here} Steve Madden Sandals{old}
xo jess


  1. You're not fat, you're pregnant. And that dress will work well for post-partum, too.

  2. This dress is really beautiful! I agree with Lisa C you're not fat you're pregnant :)... <3

  3. Those pictures are beautiful! I wish you the best for you and baby :)

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