Saturday, January 18, 2014

Deals of the Day

So I broke down and bought my first pair of Maternity pants - well really leggings.

I haven't gained that much weight and haven't really needed to wear maternity clothes. I haven't bought any, but with Old Navy having them for only $8.00 how could I pass that up? This being my first pair ever I'm not quite sure how they will fit, but excited to get them and try them out. I hear once you go maternity pants you never go back. I might be in trouble.

Maternity Low-Rise Leggings
Old Navy is having 20% off any amount online order or 30% off $100 or more orders!

J.Crew is also having a sale of 40% off their final sale items! 
Whoa, over 1300 of them in the women department! I spent quite a few minutes on there. 
With me really not knowing what will fit and wanting to continue to wear  "normal" clothes for as long as I can, I just chose to stick with the basics.

Vintage Cotton V-neck tee

I ended up buying the heather gray and black, with discount only $14.50 each, steal.
This sale last until the 21st. So get on it! 

xo jess

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