Thursday, September 11, 2014

Art from the on-the-go mom

So you know now I do not have HOURs to get ready anymore, I have more like minutes, so yes, I go DAYZ without washing my hair, and weeks of wearing the same outfit, okay I lie not weeks, but I do have leaned more to the basic is better approach to fashion.
Hence my outfit this past weekend at the Art show we attended. It was beautiful and I just love September because there is ALWAYS something going on in St. Louis on the weekends.
And since bubba is now big enough to fit like a big kid in the stroller he doesn't mind to ride along!

Simple V-neck white-T Zara, Ana black pants {JcPenney} Route 66 Anya Ankle Boot{$9.99!! Kmart} I got them in both colors

Easy Braided hair, here are some ideas {here}
And how cute is this little guy.

Embrace Messy Hair shirt {here} My next purchase is the Jesus Saves.Bro tee

xo jess


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  2. Hi dear,

    Great photos! The baby is so precious :)
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