Friday, April 19, 2013

DIY Headboard

So for awhile now I've wanted to show how I made my headboard. 

I made it about two years ago and absolutely love it! And the total cost was around $100. I know right?

We have a platform bed with storage

I also redid my dresser. It was so ugly before

You will need:
A good piece of wood
Spray cloth adhesive
Staple gun with staples
Whatever fabric you would want
Any decorative-pins/bolts/ec
Wire(any kind will do)
Four screws (anchoring)

1) First You will Need a good piece of wood, I picked out cedar which yes is alittle bit more pricey but you do not want a cheap piece of wood. I believe I paid around $45 which is the bulk of the money

2) We will take the spray adhesive and spray it on the foam or piece of wood and lay the foam onto the wood. Just make sure it sticks.

3) Take the batting and wrap the foam & wood and wrap it around both of them

4) Now take your fabric that you want as your headboard and cut it just about 6 inches over the size of the wood all around. So if you would is 10' x 10', you'd want to cut your fabric 10'6" all around.

Now it kind of gets tricky especially if you are working alone. Also you might want to iron your fabric before stapling it to you board.

5) You wrap your fabric TIGHLY around the wood. Using your staple gun, staple around the backside of the board still making sure your fabric is tight around. You will need to keep checking the front side to make sure you have no wrinkles.

6) Add your details!

I bought decorative nail heads to line the top of my headboard. There is so many options to this. If you have a handyman or yourself you might want to cut the board to get a cool shape. That was my original plan, but was doing this alone and wanted to get done with it. 

Later my husband took 2 screws and drilled it in the back side of the headboard and took a wire to anchor it to the wall. 

Ask if you have any questions!

xo jess


  1. Your bedroom looks classic, xoxo.

  2. What a fabulous idea! I wish I saw this a couple years ago when I was trying to see if there was a cute DIY headboard! Love it.
    xo mdr

  3. Your bed looks so comfy haha