Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?

I could be one of the most indecisive people you have ever met.

Every day I think of something I would love to be doing. Just yesterday I was driving to work and thinking what would I like to be doing other than what I was doing at that very moment. . .

I often go to interior decorator, I like to think I would be going to meet with my clients or go shopping( Happy thought), other days I want to be in fashion, or a party planner. I often dream of those things and it helps me get through my day.

How many people have their dream job? How many people just get by? I do not want to be one of those people who just gets by.

This past week I went back to Southern Illinois. I love going back just to be me. See my friends and family, and remember being a kid and remembering why I left.

Here is pictures of my week...

Sno cone evenings..

Me and my bff from high school, hadn't seen her in almost 3 years...love her to death.

My bff, love this girl, who accepts me and all my flaws

A little bit of Moonshine and Blush wine
Waiting for Sheryl CrowHanging out with a childhood friend and my sista

And here is what I wore(days not in order)....

Anthro jean top $88; borrowed skirt from sister (I think American Eagle) Necklace from Dillards(Love!) $28

Necklace from World Market $14, Anthro top $138; American Eagle jeans $49

Borrowed H&M top, F21 skirt $19, Ebay belt $6, Steve Madden sandals $29(DSW)
Necklace Oxford Trunk $22; Anthropologie Top on sale for $39, Joe's Ikat Jeans on sale at Anthropologie for $90(org. $180!) Steve Madden heels


  1. I love you too! I don't know what I would do without you!! You are a true friend! Glad you accept me and all my flaws!

    1. Awww, glad you got to comment! Wove you!

  2. Look like you had a great time.
    I'm one of those people still deciding what I want to do, stuck in a job that I don't love for now...


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