Sunday, June 10, 2012


So I am obsessed with these two ladys and their blogs:


I think it's because they always look like so little effort was put in to looking so good. I would take their jobssss any day! Lucy is a brit living in New York who works as a stylist. And Aimee lives in LA as a interior architecture designer and works in fashion on the side. DREAM. Check em out.

Today I bought a long leather skirt that I'm going to try to turn into a mini, see how that goes.

Who says you can't wear cords in June?

Ralph Lauren Silk shirt(thrifted $3) Anthro Cords($100) 
 Schuler and Sons boots(Anthro clearanced $100, REG $249!)

Lucky Brand bracelet I forgot I had!!(gifted) Watch thrifted yesterday for $8

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