Sunday, October 25, 2015

New Directions

I have thought about it for awhile now, and I have decided to go in a new direction with the blog. 

I have always struggled with content versus consistency, and I have literally failed at both. I have changed the name of the blog because I thought it would be much more interesting and easier to keep up with if I wrote about things that I actually care about. 
Life after Baby has left me as a different person, as much as other mommma's can attest to. I do not have time nor the energy to pick out an outfit, take pictures, and then post and talk about it. 
BUT I can talk about my life. 

My life is no way is that entertaining, but I do live with an entertaining man. Thus the blog. 

We have different views on the world, well, because we come from opposite ends of the earth so that is to be expected. He gives me wisdom on things that I miss and he makes me laugh at the most odd things.

Here is my somewhat-of-a-journal to our lives. 

I hope you find a little bit of entertainment while you are here.

xo jess

1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful idea for a blog! Here's how I see it, there are so many blogs that focus on outfit posts that it's nice to find one with more substance. Plus writing about something that you really care about will make it so much more interesting. I'll be happy to check in and see what's going on here!