Thursday, March 5, 2015

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Who is so over winter??

I feel like after Christmas spring should be next. 

Baby C has started walking, hide your car(keys) hide  your wipes, he's running into everything around here. Last night he got the vaseline that was sitting on the end table and in two point five seconds he had got it open and both hands fully engulfed in it. 

Currently loving:

All things Mickey Mouse, decided to first birthday in this theme (When have I liked themes?!?) and have gone full obsesso on it. Ordered: matching mommy and daddy outfits for the party and well as mickey earrings for myself?! 

J.Crew(always) But especially this new shirt I got!


THIS Kate Spade Dress

My mocha Starbucks 

THIS Etsy shop! She is so nice and is making me a custom pair of leggings for my boy

That is all for now.
Winter I'm over you

xo jess


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