Sunday, February 8, 2015

Still Surviving

So I skipped a whole month, whoops, my bad.

So my guy is almost 9 months, and I still feel like I'm just surviving most days? Can other mommies relate, or is mine just an overly demanding child? There are still days I can not go to the bathroom without having to carry a child in there with me.
He is super active and he has recently discovered the stairs.
Exhausted is the word of the day-ereday.

Yesterday I had to go to the bathroom, the one that takes a little longer than the other, and I hear the dog food bowl, I rush into the kitchen to find dog food all over and he already had a piece in his mouth, yikes. I couldn't get it out, so he ate it. Bad mom award right herrre.

The weather was beautiful this weekend, We wasted time between naps outside, walking around. We actually went to the park and he fell asleep half way through so I did another lap around the park. I always have awkward conversations in my head with people that I see. I know it's weird, but while walking I kept passing the same people who were going the opposite way but after awhile I get enough nerve to say something as I pass by them(after just smiling at them about 5 or 6 times). Today after passing by a lady a few times, as she was approaching I YELLED "Wow, we are really burning calories today" for her only to smile at me and me realize her headphones were cranked up loud. Fail.



  1. This story is too cute! I love the part about the dog food, reminds me of my mom and I lol we should follow each other?

    Excited to hear from you!

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