Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Random Facts about Me

I am always planning post throughout my day and today I thought I would do RANDOM facts

1)Twister was my favorite movie when I was a kid, and I wanted to be a meteorologist because of it. But that never happened, I'm going to be a Interior Designer instead...
2)I am the oldest of three but was such a loner as a child, I would much rather play by myself than with others. I'm still this way. I always need my space.
3)My biggest pet peeve is people who spell the store "Anthropologie" "Anthropology" the later one is the study of humanity, the first is the store, do not say it is your favorite store that then spell it wrong! 
4) My favorite all time snack is nutella and pretzels...mmm, have it almost every night!
5) I am such an anxious person, especially when I pull up to a stop sign.
6) Favorite show growing up Buffy the Vampire Slayer, favorite show right now the Walking Dead...ya think I like scifi?
7) I have sporadic obsessions currently its J Crew
8) I was born on All Saints Day, hence the blog name :)
9) Being from Southern Illinois  you would think I have at least held a gun.....nope.
10) I put lip gloss on every time I get in my car

pardon my large head, Scarf World Market(here) Blouse:Francescas Leggings: Target(here) Boots:Steve Madden Jewels: Betsy Johnson, BCBG Bag:vintage Burberry


  1. I LOVE this combo! Green and brown look so well together :)


  2. Too great! I really love reading random facts about people it actually makes excellent posts even better!

  3. Nutella + pretzels + Buffy are by far three of my favourite things in the universe :-0
    Great blog, Please check mine out!!


  4. Hey, nice blog! I’ve recently discovered it and I fell instancing in love. I’m a new follower!

    I like your Steve Madden boots! And by the way, I would also rather play by myself :P
    xox LJ

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